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About Me

William is a playwright, novelist, and screenwriter. He enjoys writing about spiritual crisis, misplaced guilt, religious terror, environmental madness, and cosmic chaos. Sometimes robots.

In 2017 he directed a truncated version of his first play, The Birthing Pit, A Gothic Romance at the end of the American Revolutionary War, in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Audiences called it “Entrancing,” “Beautiful,” “Haunting,” “Ambitious,” “Touching,” “Macabre,” and “Sexy.”

William’s independent audio fiction has been chosen as a Platinum Selection of the HEAR Now Festival, a Showcase Selection of the PodTales Festival, Co-Winner of the Audio Verse Awards’ Writing of a New Spoken Word Production, and awarded Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form) from the Parsec Awards.

William is from Wisconsin but now lives in Los Angeles. 
He misses the snow but not the cold.

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